atelier mirso


Exhibition 2015

As human beings we are inclined to hide our negative experiences and show only the positive ones, pretending that is all there is. However, negativity almost looks like creating positivity (and vice versa). Both are connected indissoluble. Without darkness there is no light. Without poverty there is no wealth. There always are winners and losers! Not for nothing the Dutch have an expression: „The finest flowers bloom on dunghill.” The world is full of opposites. The cosmos is full of bright stars and black holes. We, the people, are immensely different. An artist may grant us the privilege of a glance into the realms of the invisible. The omnipresent that can not be described. How extraordinary that an artist is able to open a very small hole to that invisibility; a glimpse into the origin of the universe. The immeasurable supreme reality including all contradictions.


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